Body Ritual Among the Nacirema

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  • Published : February 1, 2012
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Article 1: Body Ritual among the Nacirema
The narrator writes about the strange rituals that people from the Nacirema tribe performs. After reading the article, you understand that the Nacirema tribe represents the American people. Another way you can tell that the Nacirema tribe is about the American people is because “Nacirema” is actually America backwards. The narrator uses many different references to explain our everyday doings as rituals. Some of the references in which he put were Medicine men, Herbalist, and Holy mouth men which were doctors, pharmacist and dentist. He explains that the ritual of getting ready in the morning is a very long process to do and then continues the story to explain how Americans have lots of medicines but is only use maybe once or twice. And with that, he explains how the adult do not mind going to do doctors but when do only adds more medication and the children are too scared of the people in white coats. The narrator then explains the “Holy mouth men”, which again is the dentist. He believes that there is a huge fascination with the mouth and in which takes a huge part of social relationships. He explains that if it were not for the “holy mouth men” then teeth would start falling out and that lovers would start to reject them. Other rituals that the narrator would explain come from wide examples from, men having to shave to women having to go to the salons. There are others as well that I did not mention in my summary of the article.

I thought the article was quite fascinating but very hard to read at first. To be honest, I had to reread the article just to understand that it the comparison of the article to Americans but when I did, it opened my eyes to see what the article truly meant. Some ways in which I could relate to the article is that, in which I actually do all the “rituals” the narrator is explaining. The cool thing about this article is that it pointed things out in which I would have never noticed about...
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