Body Piercings

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Body Piercings

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In this ever fast and changing world, body piercings are evolving quickly. We see more people wearing body jewelry. The question is how did they make their decisions? Did they do the research and look at the risks associated with it? Do they know what the piercings symbolize? Or where they are from? Where they pressured into piercings? Do they know exactly what they want in their lives? The decision of body piercing depends on how one was brought up or if one was peer pressured in to it. Body piercing is a decision that one person makes on their own based on ones beliefs, and feelings as well as cultural differences.

There are many facial body piercings that can be worn, and many that have been used throughout history. The nose piercing is the most popular of the piercings historically. Tongue piercings are now commonly seen everyday. “It is originally said to be a Ritual form by ancient Aztecs, Mayas of Central America and the Haida Tribes.” (1998)(Morrison, C)

Ear Piercing was common among many cultures throughout history. Ear Piercing is the most common piercing performed in America, and the one society accepts the most. The first recorded body found with ear piercings was said to be over five thousand years old and it was found in Austria. During different periods of time, it was common for men to wear fashionable earrings, for instance William Shakespeare wore elaborate earrings for more attention. The labret piercing is also something that is performed on many people. This is the piercing that is below the lip and above the chin. The eyebrow piercing is also something that was used in India as well.

One of the most popular piercing with teens is the navel piercing. The navel piercing became a big fad in 1953 when the bikini was invented. The Nipple piercings is something that has been around for many years. Both men and woman have...
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