Body Mass Index

Topics: Identity theft, Fair Credit Reporting Act Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Scott McNealy has it right; we do not have any privacy now days. It is absolutely incredible how much of our personal information can be found with a simple search. I say this because just this last Sunday my husband and I began searching for our names on Google, and we were both surprised how many sites have our information. Some of it dates back to the 2000’s, so yeah, some is very outdated. But the fact that our personal information can be retrieved that easily is a concern to us, but what can we do?

I remember one time my husband and I were going through my pictures on Facebook, and all of a sudden an old picture of ex boyfriend and me popped up, needless to say there was an argument about it. But with all honesty this had been a post I had put on a friends wall to show her who my boyfriend was at the time. I had to do a few tricks in order to remove the picture, but I was astonished to see how when you post something on the net, it stays there, and sometimes it can not be removed at all depending where the posting took place.

I honestly did not have an idea that sites like Facebook and Myspace become partial owners of the user’s posts; I guess it is something we have to be very careful of. It is a shame that not even with the advance of the technology a person can maintain her information private. Sure, there are companies that safely secure your information, but then again, you are sharing your personal information yet with another company.

Is been seen many times when companies are vandalized, and sensitive information gets stolen, putting everyone at risk of identity theft. When this happens, it takes a very long time to recuperate from it; not to mention all the things one has to do, for example, review and note errors on one’s credit report, write a letter of dispute, send the letter by certified mail, keep notes of any conversations, contact other financial institutions, keep records of anything and be very patient.

Ledford, J., Recovering...
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