Body Language in Business Communication

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  • Published : November 25, 2011
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Body Language in Business Communication

Body language is a non verbal form of communication that is widely used by people in everyday environment. Alone, or in conjunction with the words, body language has a big influence on how we communicate to others. In business world it can cause both positive and negative results in communication. If used properly, body language can help create a friendly atmosphere in any conversation and can significantly enhance your verbal message. It can help win the interview, make a sale, give a successful presentation and profit from business negotiations. Therefore, today’s businesspeople more and more some time studying the different forms of the body language to achieve the maximum positive influence on people. They also do it, so they can better understand people around them as well.

Body language is defined as everything what can be communicated without or in addition to words: facial expressions, physical movements (gestures), posture or silent actions. The study by UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) showed, that words account for only 7% of the messages person conveys. The remaining 93% are non-verbal factors. As Lidia Ramse, business etiquette expert says: “In the business setting, people can see what you are not saying. If your body language doesn't match your words, you are wasting your time.” (The Sideroad: Body Language in Business by Lidia Ramse)

In fact, psychologists divide body language in two categories: intentional and unintentional (subconscious). We cannot always verbally express what we feel, so our body language does it for us. At the same time, we can use our body language intentionally to express something without saying a word. It is good to understand that our body language can be also interpreted subconsciously as well. As people do not always pay close attention to what we do, certain actions can trigger a formulation of certain opinion about person. Mary-Lo use...
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