Body Language

Topics: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Read the article, then, from statements a-k, choose five which reflect the content of the text. (a) We rarely think about how to behave in an interview. b People going for interviews are generally given useful advice. c You could learn to 'sell' your image by using suitable body language. d Employers take more notice of body language than prepared interview language. e Practise your interview technique by watching others in action. f Learn to smile throughout the interview.

g You need to make eye-contact with everyone interviewing you. h Use your hands to communicate as often as possible. i It is sometimes difficult to tell if you have made a good impression. j You will be able to tell if you have not achieved what you wanted to in an interview. k We must realise how important it is to use suitable body language in an interview. Learn To Speak Body Language

When we go for an interview, most of us think carefully about what to wear and what to say but hardly ever about how to act - in other words, what our body language is telling the interviewer. So how can we appear cool when we are feeling so nervous? Judy James, a body language specialist and author, says that most interviewees who ask for advice are told “Just be yourself”. This, she says, is the wrong approach. 'If you are just going to be yourself, why not turn up in an old tracksuit? You would never do that, so why just 'be yourself" in body language? Instead, by marketing your body language, you can control your own success.’ According to experts, body language accounts for 55 per cent of the effect we have when communicating. Tone of voice accounts for 33 per cent and words for just 7 per cent - so what you say matters much less than how you behave. Employers nowadays are cautious about the fast-talking interviewee who has learned certain words and phrases but who may be hiding a basic...
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