Body Image Satisfaction

Topics: Female body shape, Body shape, High school Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: November 14, 2010
FCS 321, Fall 2010
Abstract/ Critique Number 1

Jordan Laakso

Citation: Turner, Sherry L.; Hamilton, Heather; Jacobs, Meija; Angood, Laurie M.; Dwyer, Deane Hovde. (1997). The Influence of Fashion Magazines on the Body Image Satisfaction of College Women: An Exploratory Analysis. Adolescence. 32 (127): 603-614.

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to find a relationship between the images portrayed in fashion magazines, and how those images affect women’s personal satisfaction about their bodies.

Methodology: To complete this study, 49 college women were examined based off of two experimental conditions. The women were randomly assigned to two different groups. The first group viewed fashion magazines before completing an image survey. The second group viewed news magazines before filling out the survey. The questionnaire was a three-part questionnaire. In the first part, each person was asked to look at nine different female body types and indicate the one that most reflected their own type, ideal type, and the one that would be ideal in the eyes of society. The second part of this study, had 31 questions such as, “I’m very frustrated about my weight, I think my stomach is too big, I like my hips the way they are,” etc, and a 5-point scale was used to answer each question. In the third part, they were then asked to indicate whether they read the news or fashion magazines in the waiting area.

Results: As hypothesized, the results showed that women’s body image satisfaction is influenced by exposure to the thin ideal that is represented in fashion magazines. The women who read the fashion magazines before the survey wanted to weigh less and saw themselves in a more negative light than the other group of women who read the news magazines.

Conclusions: The authors state, “ The fact that participants were randomly assigned to the two experimental...
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