Body Image in Advertising, a Two Faced Ind

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Erica K. Culler
Professor Adam Renchen
English 100 Section 84
16 October 2012
Body Image in Advertising, a Two-Faced Industry
Body image for women and girls in the US is a sensitive and controversial issue. The trend became the thinner the better with the entrance of the supermodel Twiggy onto the fashion scene. This mind set became the norm in advertising, and with it a great deal of negative backlash surrounding body image and women. The thought was if you weren’t skinny then you weren’t attractive or healthy. Advertising in this regard has had a major impact in American culture and values. Affecting a woman’s or young girl’s self-esteem, and because men are inundated with these images as well it could affect the type of mate she’ll attract. It brought a great deal of negative perceptions for women that don’t fit the thin woman mold.

This type of advertising, in part can cause some women to question their own beauty, and fosters such disorders as anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorders. These types of ads have been known to create a distorted sense of body image for men and women, but the impact on women historically have been greater. It plays a major part in our values surrounding body image and shapes how we view ourselves and others around us. Society’s view on this subject has pretty much been set in stone since the 1960’s, until advertisers saw the need to think outside the box and changed their strategy by “helping?” women to view themselves in a positive way. Creating a shift in societal attitudes and values surrounding non-traditional body image, bolstering our self-esteem, pushing us to accept our average body sizes, and gave us a thin defense mechanism to the beauty and fashion industries age old tradition of bony is beautiful, which left some women feeling inadequate. These types campaigns erupted onto the advertising scene round about the early 2000’s, bringing the trendy advertising approach of appealing to the non-traditional...
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