Body Image

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Wally Green

M. Barnhill

Eng 101-07

28 Apr. 2013

Body Image

Due to the media putting emphasis on body image, most people do not like the way they look. This has been a major problem for a long time. People see models or celebrities in magazines and movies and want to look like them. Those magazines pictures put more of an emphasis on how a girl or woman should look instead of showing a woman without airbrushing or showing her flaws. Those media tactics are not fair to the people who see them because it puts the wrong idea in their head. Men look at magazines or athletes and want to have a body like the athletes or celebrities. No matter what some people believe, the media’s emphasis on body image is a serious problem as showed by the mental stress and health problems that can arise from it.

Body Image being emphasized in the media has put a lot of mental stress on people. Young girls and teenagers see beautiful models or celebrities and want to look like them. They see the skinny actresses on television and want to look like them. It is very sad that the media portrays these women this way. There is a certain look these people want to achieve that might not happen. Some people begin to develop Body Dismorphic Disorder. Beverly Ballaro and Geraldine Wagner explain this disorder is where the person’s perception of their body is drastically confused from the way the person feels about themselves or individual's appearance (Ballaro and Wagner). People with this disorder are usually worried about every imperfection of their body. It could be a pimple, thinning hair, short arms or legs, stomach size, or small breast. The problems are traits the people cannot change. These imperfections are things that other people might not even notice. The disorder causes mental stress on people by which they do not leave their homes or try to avoid people because of their imperfections they think they have. They either stay at home or try to avoid people in...
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