Body Image

Topics: Self-esteem, Female body shape, Self image Pages: 15 (5538 words) Published: February 20, 2008
Influenced by Magazines

Women ranging from thirteen through eighteen years of age feel they don¡¦t have the ideal body image because of the influence of magazines. We believe that a magazine has the biggest influence on women because they provide fashion and style. Every month they pull out what is "it" and not. Magazines typically create an image of young women in thin bodies or in beautiful skin. Most magazines have pictures of models with bathing suit and provide dieting and exercise types and weight loss programs. We decided to write and research about this topic because we can relate to this topic as well as our peers. Mostly everybody has looked over a magazine and has seen the women they portray to teenagers and others. Our peers also believe they feel that magazines influence them and how they think the ideal body image should be. This is an everyday issue that happens everywhere. It cannot be stopped; the media cannot stop portraying women as thin model that looks beautiful. Teenage women are most affected because they are growing into women and are hitting puberty. Most start to care about their looks and likes to be in fashion. Men also take a big role into this. Since magazines gives tips and advice to look good, teenagers do what magazines say. Magazines are used to give the media new looks and better clothing style to wear. There are magazines for sports women, fashion, teens such as Seventeen for music like Source even for the older women like People magazines. Typical magazines carry many ads which many of them include to get better looks of skin hair and other products. Magazines carry models that look skinny and in shape. They also consist in changing the image of the models in the magazines by changing some facial characteristics and adding many other things such as make up and or bigger lips. At first when we decided to the project we decided on many subject from gang violence to pregnancy at a young age that ranged from thirteen to eighteen. At last we sought to find out our statement at the last minute. When the subject of how girls from age thirteen to eighteen gets influenced by magazines some of our group members were not so sure about the subject. Some felt magazines didn¡¦t influence them at all while another group member thought it had a bigger effect. From then we decided it was a proper subject. It was a subject that contained an argument which in fact can be a very good place to start. We had the perfect environment because many girls in high school ranges from thirteen to eighteen and most, we believe, have seen a magazine as well. While others might contradict our statement we can prove that our statement proven right. In order to prove our statement we decided to research the question and gather as much information as we could to get valuable results. A team work consists of two or more people sharing and splitting the work. We decided to split the work instead of doing the work together. The first steps we took are the review of literature which consists of much information in magazines, books, or internet and compare them to our own. After we got the questionnaire done we passed them out to only women from freshman class through senior class. The Purpose of the questionnaire or survey includes a couple of questions about how the person feels about their body image, if the magazines influence them, and what kinds of magazines they look at. By categorizing the magazines it gives us better information on the types of magazines that influence women the most. To get the research we write the summary and compare and contrast to the other information we gathered.


Do thin models warp girls¡¦ body image? Is the question that Nancy Hellmich and many other people ask This is the question that should be asked to all fashion industries, the fashion industry has a responsibility to portraying an unhealthy body image. ¡§Fashion is a mirror...
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