Body Fat and Eating Disorders

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Body Fat and Eating Disorders

When people have weight loss and eating disorders, there have been psychologist that try to help people understand the damage that this can cause. There are many disease that will become a part of this problem such as bulimia and anorexia, these diseases often lead to the loss of body weight and anorexia also can have detrimental effects of dimorphic disorders. People tend to get tied up with how their body looks which can become an obsession which triggers these defensive effects. In past years bulimia and anorexia was an epidemic that no one knew how to handle or what to do to prevent it from happening.

The media and societies has played on this concept of beautiful body's and perfect images will make a person successful. Body fat in a large amount will help increase energy, organ protection and insulation that helps to maintain the functions of the body. People tend to struggle in the beginning when they take on too much calories that can be used as a compound with substance in the supply of food in which can cause the body to create more fats.

Stressors and sleeplessness can cause a disruption in some circumstances that functions on a regular basis. There are more problems that can derive from these problems which can create a increase level of hormones, which can sometimes become very high or low depending on the fats, this can help the cell preserve fats. When a person has a hormonal imbalance, this can create the body fat that leads to obesity. Cortisol or estrogen has high levels that can cause the body to keep the fat that it holds. Food is processed in order to get the high estrogen levels that can prevent the functionality of a normal body.

When a person has less nutrients in their bodies this will create more hormones. When the body doesn't have enough calcium can create an additional hormone calcitro, that cause the body to keep fat that is released in the body fat. The body composition has very...
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