Bodies Out of Bounds

Topics: Human, Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: December 11, 2012
What are the implications of attaining perfection? As pointed out in the article “Unbearable Weight” by Susan Bordo, society has hardwired into us that there is such a thing as the perfect body. In the book Oryx and Crake author Margaret Atwood portraits the fate of the human race as the desire to become perfect becomes powerful and scientifically possible. The book shows that once body perfection is attained, a new species is created and they are no longer homo sapiens sapiens. Even though perfection is not applicable to the human body, many will attempt to reach it with disastrous results. When did perfection start applying to the human body? Indeed “the bar of what we consider ‘perfection’ is constantly being raised” (Bordo xvii). The extent to which people in today’s society will go to in order to “contour” themselves to look “normal” is wide (Bordo xvi). The idea of what perfection is pictured through the media. The media has a huge impact on how we want to bound and confine our physical self. People look at ads and do not see that the images are not real. They perceive them as what should be expected “from flesh and blood” (Bordo xviii). The implications of how to attain that image can be unrealistic. They insinuate that the body can attain that level of perfection. But is this true and what is the cost of this look? The images are computer generated and the subjects themselves have gone through surgeries or spent hours with personal trainers or at gyms in order to look "perfect". When people see these images, they will put themeless through various procedures, surgeries, and develop poor self esteem as a result of not being able to look like the models. When Western societal norm ideals were imposed on many people around the globe, many young people developed bad eating habits in order to achieve the Western look. There was a significant increase in eating disorders in various nations. The girls watching the Western ads were not educated or...
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