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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Another example where Ellison exemplifies his view of the South is when he talks about the “Invisible Man”, it is important to realize that this example is describing how the black man is viewed as, when he was “looking for himself” and he says “But first I had to discover that I am a invisible man!”. In general Ellison refers to the “black man” when he says “invisible man”. Meaning that the black man is viewed as part of a group, a whole race, a stereotype. I believe Ellison is saying that the black man is viewed based on just the color of his skin; the black man is not given an opportunity to be just as himself, an individual. The white man views the black man as not important, not knowing. An example that exemplifies the “invisible man” theory we see later in the story where the narrator (The boy) is trying to tell his speech but every time he begins to say the first word the group of the white townsmen keep interrupting him. It seems as though the townsmen ven want to hear anything that the boy is trying to say in his speech. Just because is a black man (well boy) they don’t even want to give him a chance to speak. Also in “Battle Royal”, the interactions between the townsmen who are white and the group of black students is class structure. It can be said that there is a structure between them, being that the black race has a lower status than the white race does.
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