Bob Marley's Influence on Politics

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Dante Estrada
History 103
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One Love
No matter who you are music is a part of your life from the day you are born and even after death music still lives with people. This is also evident in people that make music because the person that makes music may die but there music lives one forever. Bob Marley passed away in 1983 but I still hear his music and see an image of him on a daily basis. What a lot of people don’t know about Bob Marley and The Wailers is that how influential there music was to the people of Jamaica, Africa, Rastas, and people all over the globe. At the height of Bob’s career everyone in Jamaica knew who he was and listened to his music. At one point he was more famous than the president of Jamaica but since he was this famous many people looked at him as a political figure. In Jamaica during the seventies there was tension between two political parties and a civil war was on the verge of taking place. Bob Marley was going to perform a concert organized by the Jamaica Prime Minister Michael Manly to try and ease tensions between the two warring political parties. This was looked at by many of the people of Jamaica as Bob Marley endorsing the Prime Minister but Bob was just doing it to bring the nation together not to choose sides. Two days before the concert Marley was shot in an assassination attempt but only received non mortal wounds. Yet a wounded Marley still performed two days later. When asked why he still performed Marley Said, “The people who are trying to make this world bad aren’t taking a day off. How can I?” After recovering from his injuries Marley moved to London in order to escape the political turmoil in Jamaica and avoid another assassination attempt. While in London Marley wrote and recorded one of his greatest and most famous albums of his career, “Exodus”. I believe that because of the world wide success of the Exodus album Marley was able to influence many Musicians and bands of...
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