Bob Marley Musical Influence

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley is known as being the father of reggae music. Bob Marley was the lead singer of the band The Wailers. He spread Jamaican music along with the Rastafari Movement worldwide. Marley brought the mystic power of reggae to the world and is called the Third World’s first pop superstar. He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami, FL of melanoma. Even after his death, Marley remains a global symbol of freedom, peace, and justice, and his songs remain popular worldwide. Bob Marley was born in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, on February 6, 1945. Marley began playing music while he was still in school. When he was ten he moved to Kingston; it was there, in 1962, he recorded his first three songs, “Judge Not”, “Terror,” and “One Cup of Coffee.” These singles attracted very little attention. In 1963, Marley and a few others formed a ska band “The Teenagers,” which went through many names before finally settling at “The Wailers.” Ska music is a Jamaican interpretation of American R&B, with an accent on the offbeat. Bob, Bunny, and Peter were the core trio of the band. They wrote lyrics that told of the struggles the Jamaican poor experienced. The band gained local following fairly quickly, which lead them to incorporate dub, a reggae style of music with the drums and bass foundation in the forefront, in the 1970s. In early 1972, The Wailers were loaned 4,000 Euros to record a record produced by the London offices of Island Records. “Catch A Fire” was met with international media fanfare and a tour in the UK and US ensued. Their second album, “Burnin” was released in October 1973 and included such hits as “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Get Up Stand Up.” The single “I Shot the Sheriff” was one of their most widely known hits. Eric Clapton recorded a cover in 1974 which gained The Wailers a large fan base in the US. Bob Marley and The Wailers went on their final tour in 1980 that broke attendance records and sold out such venues as Madison Square Garden. Bob...
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