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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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-Ian DeanEnglish 9Ms. Smith4/27/12Bob MarleyIn 1945 on February 6th Robert Nesta Marley was born. Raised in the poor Trenchtown area in Kingston Jamaica, his childhood would be one without a father, and steeped in Rastafarianism, a faith that would govern his life. He would grow to be one of the most influential pop culture figures in history, amassing a following still going strong through a generation who could never even see him perform. Bob Marley's charity and concern for the wellbeing of impoverished countries and their citizens is what makes him truly an icon.As the child to a single parent in a Jamaican ghetto, Bob would have a childhood rooted in music and faith. Although he attended a school and received a formal education, most of Marley’s education was drawn from Rastafarianism and the streets of kingston where his father virtually abandoned him. He grew up he trained as an electrical worker, a profession he would hold until he could convince his mother he could make a living with his music. When he became an adolescent he brought together two of his closest friends and began to make music. At first the boys were too poor to even buy a guitar, so they make one out of bamboo and begun to practice. First calling themselves “the adolescents” and then “the wailing rudeboys”, Marley began practicing with his closest friend, Bunny Livingston, the two boys practically devoted their lives to their music, they worked hard and soon, they had their first single, in 1963 “judge not” was released. Soon after, Marley and Livingston joined a third singer, Peter tosh, and began to play small shows across the island, making The Wailers (formerly the adolescents and then the wailing rudeboys) one of the most popular bands in Jamaica. The Wailers, while seeing enormous popular success, were constantly cheated out of their share of profits by their record label, and even lost the rights to some of their own songs. This pattern continued until Bob Marley and The Wailers...
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