Bob Marley

Topics: Bob Marley, Reggae, Rastafari movement Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Bob Marley was a singer, musician and a famous songwriter. He was one of the first to introduce reggae music to the world. He is admired as one of the world’s most beloved artist. He was part of the Jamaican reggae music group called The Wailers. Also very respected throughout Trench Town, Jamaica for his skills in soccer, reggae music. In addiction he was known for being respectful. Bob Marley’s accomplishments helped others by spreading reggae music all around the world. He also helped others by helping people realize that there is no reason to hate each other because of their race or qualities were all on the same earth , so let’s share it while were here. He literally cured racism and hate by his reggae music and his personal qualities. Bob Marley was very respectful and he was very calm and peaceful. In addiction he was called nice by he’s friends in Trench Town, Jamaica. These qualities influenced his time because he helped people think in a different perspective about different race and qualities. Bob Marley greatest struggle in life was that he’s life was in poverty. But Trench Town, Jamaica youths were used to looking out for one another. One of Bob’s closest friend Tartar gave him a place to stay because he was very poor and the place he stayed was a kitchen. Tartar was a chef and he had a kitchen so Bob just slept their after closing hours. He would also go after midnight to a large bonfire, he would play he’s guitar and sing and he would make songs then started he musical group called The Wailers. Bob’s father being white and his mother being black was a large influence in his life by being made fun of. Since he’s half white discrimination was also part of he’s life, in addiction poverty was another issue in his life. Some things I would learn from Bob Marley was to not discriminate with each other. And if you want to be respected then you have to respect others too. One of Bob Marley’s struggle was that he quit school when he was at age...
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