Bob Marley

Topics: Bob Marley, Redemption Song, Rastafari movement Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: March 23, 2008
Bob Marley

Without a doubt, Bob Marley is recognized as the most important figure in 20th century music. Unlike other artists, Bob was a moral and religious figure as well as an extremely popular musician. He is unique in not just his instrumental innovation but in his vocal style as well. He changed the way music was listened to and his influence he gave performers of all places can still be found to this day. But there is more than just his music that gives him the importance of no other; his symbolism. His iconography became a universal language, the symbol of freedom throughout the world. For innovation, Marley was a multi-talented person of new ideas and rhythms, beginning with his talented "Judge Not" solo debut at the beginning of the first wave ska era, right up through his other experiments with gospel, r&b, rock, folk, jazz, Latin, punk, scat, and disco. "No Woman No Cry" gives the uplift that anyone needs to go from a bad to a good mood. "Exodus" has the feeling of revolution and change in the world, along with "Redemption Song", that is a song looked upon as a rally cry for liberation. Bob understood that reggae had the gift to absorb all other influences and attach them solidly to the drum and bass. The real innovation is that Marley's music has value. It answers in a positive way. He used music for spiritual achievement and healing of the soul. He was conscious of his role as the bringer of the message of Rastafari to the consciousness of the outside world. Most every pop star put on stage over the past hundred years had entertainment as their first and only goal. This was not so true with Bob Marley. Although Bob became a commercial artist, it is clear that he was not making commercial music. As for his importance as a figurehead, his actions caused him to be perceived as a radical political leader. He spoke out for salvation through love and unity of all humankind. Bob Marley changed the way artists and bands reacted to...
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