Bob Knowlton Self Concept

Topics: Leadership, Conflict, Team Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Bob Knowlton Case Analysis – Self Concept
The following case analysis examines the situation of Bob Knowlton, Team Leader of Photon Lab at Simmons Laboratory and the reasons leading up to Bob’s sudden resignation. Bob’s employment relationships appear to be strong in the beginning, with Bob just receiving the promotion to Team Leader. However, as the case proceeds, we see his employment relationship deteriorate with the arrival of Simon Fester, a brilliant engineer who seemingly outperforms Bob Knowlton.

As part of the analysis we examine Bob’s Self-Concept and the following characteristics with regards to complexity, consistency and clarity. Bob’s locus of control is also considered and the impact this had on his relationships at work with his colleagues. Fester’s individualism is also considered. Bob’s Self Concept

Bob’s Low Self-Concept Complexity
Bob has a low complexity as he perceives his most important identity to be work related – he defined his self-concept by his work. The positive side of Bob’s low complexity enabled him to become a relatively successful, skilled engineering, as he invested more in his skill development and focused his attention on his work. However, the low complexity caused Bob great stress when his main self-concept, defined by his work), was threatened by the arrival of Fester, a much more brilliant, driven engineer. Bob perceived Fester’s arrival as a threat by challenging all aspects of Bob’s self-concept, not only his technical expertise, but also Bob’s leadership of the team when Fester became the informal leader by default as Bob conceded defeat and essentially abandoned his role as group leader. Bob’s Low Self-Concept Consistency

Bob’s has a low self-concept consistency. Bob’s leadership style was focused on teamwork and collaboration and he prided himself on motivating his team by including them in group problem solving and decision making. However, this self-concept was inconsistent...
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