Boating Industry

Topics: Pagsanjan, Laguna, Pagsanjan Falls, Waterfalls of the Philippines Pages: 5 (1342 words) Published: March 9, 2013


2.1 Background of the Study
According to Dr. Gregorio F. Zaide et al. (1975), in his book Pagsanjan, In History and in Legend, the real history of Pagsanjan began in 1668 when it emerged as a town. Years before that time, it was a barrio of Lumban. Across three centuries, it has survived all natural and man-made cataclysms, including the Philippine Revolution and World War II. During the long interim of 170 years (1668-1858) Pagsanjan was the capital of Laguna. Despite the loss of the provincial capitalship, the town is still great because of the achievements of its many-splendored people. Great Pagsanjeños, like old soldiers, never die, they only fade away. Their magnificent contributions to Philippine civilization and progress are imperishably enshrined in history´s pages. The Pagsanjan Falls, which foreign visitors acclaim as "enchanting" and "gorgeous", is rich in legendary lore. Long, long ago, recounts one legend, there were no falls. There were only the foliaged highlands, the twin rivers, called Bumbungan and Balanac, and the alluvial delta (where the town of Pagsanjan now nestles). On the eastern bank of the Bumbungan River lived two old brothers named Balubad and Magdapio. For many years, the two brothers enjoyed a rustic life of peace and happiness. But one day calamity struck. A terrible drought brought ruin and death. No rains came for successive months. The soil became dry as tinder. The blooming flowers and food plants withered and died. The birds, deer, wild hogs, monkeys, and other animals disappeared. The rivers, creeks, and mineral springs dried up. Not a single drop of life-giving rain fell from heaven. Balubad and Magdapio suffered immensely. Day and night, they prayed for rain, but the gods did not heed their prayers. The older and weaker of the two brothers, Balubad, died of thirst. Magdapio, with a sorrowing heart, buried him on the slope of the mountain overlooking the river delta. This mountain is now called Balubad. Left alone in a waterless world, Magdapio agonizingly trekked to the upper region of the arid riverbed. He reached the high rocky cliffs, after an arduous journey. To his utter disappointment, he found no water. "Ye gods!" he sobbed bitterly, "Where is the water?" In despair, he angrily hurled down his big cane among the rocks. Suddenly, a spring bubbled on the spot where the cane fell. Rapidly it grew bigger. The fresh waters roared down the canyon walls, soon becoming a booming waterfall. Amazed at the miracle, Magdapio fell on his knees and thanked the gods. He drank the cool water until he felt new energy surging in his blood. Thus emerged the world famous Pagsanjan Falls. Originally, the waterfall was named Magdapio, after the legendary patriarch. In the summer of 1902, An American Presbyterian missionary, Reverend J. Eugene Snook, happened to visit the Magdapio Falls. He was enchanted to see the falls and was thrilled by "shooting the rapids." Upon his return to Manila, he wrote a story of his visit to the falls which he named "Pagsanjan Falls". His story, with an accompanying photo of the falls, was published in a popular Manila newspaper, The Cablenews American, and was widely read in the city and in the provinces. Thus the waterfall came to be known as Pagsanjan Falls, a name which has gained fame in the tourist world.

2.2 Objectives of the Study
2.2.1 This study aimed to analyze the status of boating industry in Pagsanjan, Laguna in terms of: * Historical Background
* Prospects/Government Support
* Marketing Aspects
* Financial Aspects
* Socio-economic Aspects
2.2.2 To satisfy the curiosity and widen the knowledge and awareness of the researchers regarding this kind of industry in case they ought to enter such industry.
2.2.3 The researchers also intend to know the contribution of boating industry...
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