Boat Manufacturers in Malaysia

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Table of Contents
1 – Introduction2
2 – Rationale for choosing this country2
3 - Macro environment3
3.1 Pest analysis3
3.1.a – Political Factors:3
3.1.b – Economic Factors:4
3.1.c – Sociocultural factors:4
3.1.d – Technological factors:5
3.2 – Micro analysis:5
3.2.a – Competitors:5
3.2.b – Market size, consumer, market trend, product trend and customer preference:5
3.3 – SWOT Analysis6
3.4 – Justification for launching this product:8
4 – Market segment to be targeted and positioning strategy:9
4.1 – Target Market:9
4.2 – Positioning strategy:9
5 – Demand forecast for the next 3 year sales:10
6 – Marketing mix:10
6.1 – Product:10
A – Fish seeker package deal:10
B – Quintrex Escape (Coast runner):11
C – Freedom cruiser:11
D – Spirit12
E – Accessories:13
6.2 – Price:14
6.3 – Place (Distribution):15
6.4 – Promotion:15

1 – Introduction

Globalisation has been sweeping the world as we speak. There are international brand that we can just see everywhere, or in many countries such as Toyota, Honda, Billabong, Coca Cola, and many more. Quintrex is an Australia own boat manufacture that has been exporting its products into 32 countries. They are a respectable company that has been proven so far only success. The result of the financial crisis since 2007 has affected a lot of countries, however in 2010; the economies are recovering stronger than ever. This is the moment when Quintrex should be expanding their business even further. This report will clearly examine the micro and macro factors of the chosen country (Malaysia) and propose a marketing mix strategy for Quintrex company in order enter this large market.

2 – Rationale for choosing this country

There are two countries in which are very attractive markets for Quintrex industry, Malaysia and Singapore. These two countries are surrounded by ocean, lots of water activities and an increasing number of middle class. However, this report will only targeting specifically to Malaysia market. First of all, Malaysia and Singapore are neighbor countries. Few hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and there will be Singapore. This one factor alone is a plus if Quintrex targets Malaysia as primary market, and Singapore as second. Secondly, the infrastructure in Singapore cannot allow people to own small leisure boats. The current import tax is very high, 110% (, and hence final price when reaching customers will be double compare to the original price. Even though Singapore is a rich country with full of middle class, but this will break the point of Quintrex where they are trying be to more flexible and affordable to many customers, young and adults. And there are about 25.7 million people in Malaysia which represents a much larger market. Lastly is the size of the country. Singapore has a total of 697 sq km land area, and 10 sq km water (CIA Source), compare to Malaysia which has 329,675 sq km land and 1,190 sq km (CIA Source) water area. These are the reasons why this report will be only targeting at Malaysia market. 3 - Macro environment

3.1 Pest analysis
3.1.a – Political Factors:
Political stability is a very important factor for any company who wants to enter a certain foreign country’s market. Malaysia is a country which consists of various communities. The 3 biggest communities are Malay, Chinese and Indian. During 1969, there was a major incident caused by confliction between Chinese and Malay, and has resulted in hundreds of deaths. And from that, they have learned to live more amicably together.

The Malaysian government has also 3 major parties known as UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) and MIC (Malaysian Indian Association) ( They all have one common goal which is to create a peaceful society.

Over the past years, political stability in Malaysia has always...
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