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Noor Aish
Celest Bomediano
Mildred Chaves

Submitted to: Ma’am Josevi dela Torre

September 13, 2012

We would like to thank the people who have helped us in making this study a success. This study would not be possible without the everlasting love, care and assistance from our families, who gave their time and gave words of encouragement. Furthermore, we would like to thank our classmates for helping us in times of confusion. To our Physics teacher, Ms. Josevi dela Torre, for widening and adding information in our study. And most of all, to God, who never left our side and gave us the strength to never give up. ABSTRACT

The study is all about creating a boat using recycled materials such as empty aluminum cans and extra aluminum sheet. The study is also about producing steam using different materials, which are small lumps of charcoal. The purpose of the study is to know what other materials can be used in order to produce steam. It is also a way of promoting and encouraging people to recycle materials. Instead of throwing used tin cans, we can use them in making something of value.

Teenagers and kids can use the steam-powered boat but they should be accompanied and supervised by an adult. They can use this for leisure, school projects and the like.


Background of the Study5
Statement of the Problems and Objectives5
Significance of the Project6
Limitations of the Project6
Review of Related Literature7
Materials and Equipment9
General Procedure9
Pictorials 12
Statistical Treatment of the study17
Causes of Experimental Errors17

Background of the Study
Resources are limited. Using and consuming of those resources and minerals should be reduced. Yet not everyone helps in saving the environment and planet. The world is important, humans live in it, and future generations will live in it. Humans cannot live without the earth so the earth should be taken care of. Reduce, reuse and recycle. All can do something to help recycle and take care of the world. The researchers believe that it is necessary to conduct the study to be able to reuse and produce something great out of trash. The researchers will produce a boat out of recycled materials such as aluminum cans, straws, used cardboard and the like. Statement of the Problem and Objectives

Whenever a person is done using something, he or she immediately throws it and puts it into waste, without taking into consideration that it can still be recycled. Instead of throwing things away, why not recycle and make great things or products out of it. By taking part in recycling, you can help to reduce the amount of waste and you will be able to help in preserving natural resources and to protect the environment for you and for future generations. 1. Why recycle?

2. Why make a steam-powered boat?
3. How do you make a steam-powered boat?
4. How does the steam-powered boat help people?

Significance of the Project
The researchers would like to promote recycling. Although many people and organizations are doing a lot to encourage recycling, most people are not doing enough. If everyone would do their part, then not only would the earth’s limited resources last longer, but the earth as a whole and everyone on it would benefit as a result. The researchers would also like to innovate more and try other materials that could power an experimental boat. The researchers are studying things that are related to the subject, Physics. Heat, power, steam, water and the like are factors in Physics. In this project, the aspect of coming up with...
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