Boarding School

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  • Published : October 14, 2009
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Amber Johnson
Josette Arvizu
Writing 101
Narrative Essay
12 September 2009
First Days At Boarding School
This was the fist time I flew in a plane and I was so sure I was going to die. I imagined the planes engines suddenly breaking down and then slowly we plummeted down to certain death. “Excuse me miss, would you like something to drink?” the flight attendant asked me. I must have looked worse then I thought because she said it in a calm soothing way sort of like she was trying to talk someone out of jumping off the side of a twenty story building. I looked at her and shook my head from side to side, closed my eyes and concentrated on not looking out the window. I would think myself to be a brave person, but when that plane left the ground I was praying to God like no other has prayed to God ever before. I must have said like twenty Hail Mary’s before my heart got down to it’s regular beat, a normal seventy beats per minute.

After a long two hours and eleven minutes relief washed over me as I heard someone on the overhead say were landing in Portland, Oregon. I liked the fact that I finally had the experience of a plane ride, even though it was a terrifying one. The thing that irritated me was that this plane ride would have to be the one that was taking me to prison or at least I thought of it as one. I was sentenced to spend a whole year at Chemawa Indian Boarding School. That meant I would have to spend a whole year away from my family, away from my friends, a whole year away from everything I knew. I was being forced to live in a place I have never been, with a bunch of people I have never met.

After a long day of traveling one thousand miles from Tucson, Arizona to Salem, Oregon, I was finally settled in my room. It was nicer then I expected it to be, no bars on the windows at least. As I first entered the room there were closets to the right, a bathroom, which I now shared with three other girls, to the left. At the end of the short hallway...
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