Board of Commissioners Resolution No, R-674 Series of 2000 Approving the Amendments to the Implementing Rules and Regulations Governing the Processing of Applications for Locational Clearance of Poultry and Piggery Resolved as It Is Hereby Resolved

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Board of Commissioners RESOLUTION NO, R-674 Series of 2000 APPROVING THE AMENDMENTS TO THE IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS FOR LOCATIONAL CLEARANCE OF POULTRY AND PIGGERY RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Implementing Rules and Regulations to Govern the Processing of Applications for Locational Clearance of Poultry and Piggery as Amended, hereto attached as Annex A. BE APPROVED as the same is hereby APPROVED. APPROVED, 17 August 2000, Makati City.


Pursuant to the policies and objectives embodied in Executive Order No. 648, the new charter of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board specifically Article IV, Section 5 to wit: "a) promulgate zoning and other land use control standards and guidelines which shall govern land use plans and zoning ordinances of local government; issue rules and regulations to enforce the land use policies on human settlements; ensure compliance with policies, plans standards and guidelines on human settlements promulgated in paragraph (a) of this section;"



and EO 72 on devolved functions the following rules and regulations for poultry and piggery locational clearance are hereby promulgated. The issuance of locational clearance by the HLURB or city/municipality concerned shall cover the location or siting of all poultry and piggery projects as defined hereof, and prescribe minimum standards for development, public health and welfare and environmental safeguards. These rules and regulations shall apply to all applications for locational clearance of new development and or expansion of existing poultry and piggery with the Board or the city/municipality concerned.

RULE I DEFINITION OF TERMS Section 1. For purposes of these Rules, the following definitions and classifications are adopted:

1. 2.

Board - shall mean the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. Brooding - shall mean the process of keeping the young pigs warm without necessarily separating them from the dam or for chicks, it is the process of supplying heat from the time they are taken down from the incubator up to the time they can self-control their heat requirement through thermo-regulating process. Conforming Use - a use which is in accordance with the zone classification as provided for in the zoning ordinance. Non-conforming Use existing non-conforming uses/establishments in an area allowed to operate inspite of the non-conformity to the provisions of the ordinance subject to the conditions stipulated in the zoning ordinance. Fattening - shall refer to the processes whereby the hogs are fattened up to 200 pounds primarily for slaughter. Fowl -• shall refer to a bird kept for eggs or meat. Heads - include weanings, growers and fatteners; or for poultry, it refers to the number of fowls. Piggery Farm - shall refer to any parcel of land devoted to the raising or breeding, depasturing, feeding or watering of pigs/swine, generally under the management of a tenant or owner. Piggery (backyard) - involving one sow and 10 heads or less and allowed in rural areas only. Poultry Farm - shall refer to any parcel of land devoted to the raising of domesticated fowls which serve as sources of eggs and meat for human consumption as well as breeding of gamecocks. It includes any species of fowl such as chickens, ducks, geese, quails, pigeons, turkey, ostrich, guinea fowl and gamecocks. Poultry (backyard) - involving a maximum of 500 fowls and allowed in rural areas only.



5. 6. 7.


9. 10.



Rules - shall mean the Rules and Regulations governing poultry and piggery locational clearance. Rural Area - area outside the designated urban area. Sow - shall refer to a female swine. Urban Area(s) - include all barangay(s) or portion(s) of which comprising the poblacion, central business district (CBD) and...
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