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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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As a junior volunteer Board member, how might you contribute to fulfilling the Mission of Pomona valley Hospital Medical Center, and upholding the CHANGE values? As a junior volunteer Board member I plan to uphold the CHANGE values by demonstrating exemplary character and service. I will encourage junior volunteers to focus on improving the experience of patients and their visitors to make it one that will leave an everlasting impression and a memorable one. I will work make sure to keep the customers satisfied and happy. I will honor and respect everyone I encounter. I will be held accountable for all my actions. I feel that I can contribute in a big way because I have many new ideas that I can bring and share with the board. I plan to grow as a volunteer and a person. I will try to achieve excellence in everything that I do. I will do my best to be a leader at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Explain what peer leadership means to you and how you plan to apply that as a Jr. Volunteer Board Member. I have always given great respect to my mentors and peers, they had giving me positive thinking and right proven approach to deal with the issues in my professional and personal growth. Peer leadership to me would mean to be a role model for my fellow volunteers. As such I will have to make sure to uphold PVHMC’s CHANGE values. As a junior board member I plan to use my leadership skills from being a youth leader and ASB vice president to make sure my peers feel comfortable in performing their role as a junior volunteer and provide them with the social insight to carry out their junior volunteer duties in an exemplary manner with a uplifting attitude. I will use my leadership skills to ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised.

1. What qualifications/attribute do you have that makes you a strong candidate for the position (s) you have applied for? I have served as a youth leader at Redeemer Lutheran Church for last...