Bo Jackson Info Speech

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Bo Jackson
I. Introduction
a. No matter what people say, multitasking is one of the hardest things to do. Whether it’s play two sports in high school or work two jobs, it’s tough to handle all that responsibility. I myself played two sports in high school and trying to balance that out with school was a tough enough task in itself. Now imagine having to manage two professional jobs at the same time, well that’s the life Bo Jackson lived, my favorite professional athlete and arguably the best athlete of all time. Vincent ‘Bo’ Jackson was born on November 30, 1962 in Bessemer, Alabama. He earned the nickname “Bo” early as a child because he was a very rough and competitive kid and his brother shortened the word “boar” into “Bo”. He was one of eight children and had only a mother growing up, so he lived in a very troublesome home. Bo was a tough-edged and competitive person since he was a young child. He was getting into fights and doing reckless things that all kids do. But because he was so gifted at sports, he realized he had to stay out of trouble if he wanted to get out of his rough neighborhood. Bo excelled at sports in high school and even got drafted by the New York Yankees after his senior year, but he chose to attend Auburn University to play football and baseball, and get his education like his mother had wanted. This was the beginning of an entire life changing time for not only Bo, but also for the fans who watched him. Bo Jackson changed the entire sports world and the way we looked athletes forever. II. Body

b. College Career
i. Bo’s natural brute strength and athleticism took him very far in his athletic career, especially in football, which clearly was his better sport. Bo excelled in football at Auburn University, where he achieved the second-most rushing yards in SEC history, and broke lots of Auburns rushing and touchdown records. By his senior year, he won the prestigious Heisman Trophy. Jackson was...
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