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First of all I have to say that I can hardly find something positive to say about the film in comparison with the book.

The aspect of the cultural clashes between India and Britain, the Indian religions and habits as well as the devaluating behaviour of the Colonialist towards the Indians and the problems this caused was, in my opinion, the most interesting part of the book. These topics, much to my regret, were not well dealt with in the movie “Heat and Dust”.

Besides, the elopement shown right at the beginning of the movie takes away all the tension.

Another huge mistake was made by the directors by not at all paying regard to the importance of the character Maji, who on the one hand represents an important side of Indian culture and the role of the women and on the other hand is very important for the narrator and her personal development.

Seeing that the narrator can actually see the mountains at the end of the movie changes to whole outcome and turns the whole story into a rather “happy” love story. This assertion is supported by the fact that the Nawab’s change into an unattractivee, fat man is left out.

Generally I think the characters are only partly well chosen, although I have to admit that movies usually destroy my own imaginations and therefore disappoint me. Harry is leading the list of the bad chosen characters being, in contrast to the book, rather handsome and small.

Summing up, I would advise everybody to read the book instead of watching the movie, which is a hundred times worse and as well very difficult to understand for somebody, who has not read the book.

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