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Rising to the Challenge of Challenging Behavior by: Hadeel Mohsen Carol Ann Tomlinson Edco What??

Tomlinson discusses challenging behavior that teachers face now a days. Challenging behavior has always been an issue for teachers. Tips on how to overcome challenging behavior will certainly aid teachers in dealing with their students. Teachers making positive differences in students’ lives, might not completely exclude problems in classroom/school, however may reduce frequent conflicts. Understanding students also takes part in this challenge for teachers. It may not be as easy to get to know a student. It takes time and effort from a teacher to be able to try to find out what’s behind the negative behavior. However, understanding where the negativity is coming from does not eliminate it, but helps the teacher work towards solving the problem. A phrase that teachers often use when they have a challenging student is “he could just do better if he just would” but teachers should rather think the other way around “challenging students would do better if they could”. Teacher sometimes assume that the student is rather careless or puts no effort out of laziness, although this student might be having a difficult time in his or her life and is taking it out in school.

I chose this article because I find it very useful. There is no teacher that chooses his/her students; therefore we have to be prepared to undertake challenging behavior within the classroom. What encouraged me to read this article was the author Carol Ann Tomlinson, because I can always relate to her experiences, and find most of her suggestions in several articles I have read before very useful and effective.

So What??
As an educator I feel that it is important for the classroom teacher to know a lot about his/her...
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