Bmw Ways of Managing Global Hrm

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* Founded in 1916-17
* BMW group is one of ten largest car manufacturer
* BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce
* Strong Market position in motorcycle sector
* Generate profitable growth
* Above average returns
* Focusing on premium segments of international automobile market * Win over its German peer competitor, Audi n Mercedes Benz Product
* Automobiles
* Motorcycle
* Motorsport
* Aircraft engines
* Austria
* South Africa
* China
* Usa
* German
* Jakarta, Indonesia
* Kaliningrad, Russia
* Cairo, Egypt
* Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
* Rayong, Thailand
* Chennai, India
* Online: Job Market or Job Assistant : Quick and Easy way to compare your profile and the requirement by respective departments * Not by email
* Use application system or online applications
* Telephone interview
* Job interview

Career opportunities at both operational and management level * Management
* Sales
* Marketing
* Aftersales
* Service
* Parts
* Others
* Depend on entry level
* Use various selection criteria
* Candidate overall impression – important
* Grades play a major
* Technical skills, more experience through internships and work experience will be seen * International experience
* Language – one of German or English
* Personal and social competence
* Motivation and enthusiasm – crucial
* No age restriction
* Regularly hold meetings
* Mission and goals, objectives and aims
* Another course for strong motivation
* Trained as specialist regarding to the respective department * Internships and working at another branch/subsidiary
* On the job and off the job
* Get to know the company inside out
Training and Development
* Educate to be competitive, enhance morale, increase productivity * “Learning is a LifeLong Process”
* Learn everything you can
* Belief: goal comes from employees
* Educated to be responsible
* Recognize, not everybody have the same pace and the same way of learning * Each has development plan by the company’s financial support – grow, develop * Over 10,000 staffs receive direct training in UnterchleiBheim * Four other training sites: Hittfield, Dorsten, Leipzig and Bensheim * Defined standards industry for size and facilities

Safethy and Health
* As an employee of BMW, they have the authority to stop any work where an unsafe condition exists * Added value: zero injury performance, placing safety on prior, embodying honesty and integrity, employee participation > customer satisfaction * Dedicated to achieve zero incident at workplace

* Each individual is responsible to help eliminate the barriers that prevent us from achieving a zero incident culture * Safety will take priority over production, schedule, cost. * “Safety For Life”

* Promoting involvement, education, leadership and individual contribution

* EH&S Manual:
* 1.0 Administration & Expectations
* 1.01 Zero Incident Process 
1.02 EH&S Policy 
1.03 EH&S Mission 
1.04 Leadership Development 
1.05 Safety Accountability 
1.06 Project Team Expectations 
1.07 Key Safety Rules 
1.08 Safety Audits 
1.09 Incident Management 
1.10 Task Hazard Analysis 
1.11 Safety Meetings 
1.12 EH&S Training 
1.13 Subcontractor Safety 
1.14 Crisis Management 
1.15 Driving Policy 
1.16 Substance Abuse 
1.17 EH&S Records Management 
1.18 Cell Phones & Other Mobil Communication Devices 
1.19 Overtime Work Policy
* 2.0 Safe Work Practices
* 2.01 Ergonomics 
2.02 Hazard Communication 
2.03 Respiratory Protection 
2.04 Hearing Conservation 
2.05 Personal Protective Equipment 
2.06 Pathogens Control 
2.07 Industrial Hygiene 
2.08 Asbestos Management 
2.09 Arsenic Management 
2.10 Benzene...
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