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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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The most successful premium manufacturer in Automobile industry is the BMW Group and the permanent technological innovation leadership in automobile construction made them to occupy the top most level in world automobile business which is basically a German based company. They follow a broad differentiation strategy with innovative attributes which can differentiate the company’s product offering from rivals to attract a broad spectrum of buyers as its existence is worldwide and below are the resources, capabilities and activities they perform and mainly by following the energy strategy which is popularly known as “Efficient Dynamics” of BMW Group make them to be on the top list. Resources:

The main resources of BMW Group are Exceptional people with their special commitment, identification, know-how of its employees with good working capacity who are the central element in the manufacture of premium products and their intelligent co-operation and innovative forms of work are important factors for simulating performance, creativity, gratification in the workplace for the component, assembly and engine plants complete their production network, which are setup so flexibly so that they can produce more than one type of automobile series, depending on the market demand and most importantly their concept of “Efficient Dynamics” which ensures the long term sustainability, individual mobility, and the framework for guaranteeing the ecological, economic and social viability of our future and also the combination of both onboard and offboard contents is progressing at a higher pace in the automotive segment and also using the latest software designed internally by the software engineers of the BMW group and also they have worldwide production network with intelligent co-operation for manufacturing the products in 25 sites in 14 countries on five continents and 14 locations for automobiles with standard quality and sustainable production is mostly focused on Exceptional...
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