Bmw Poem

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  • Published : December 6, 2006
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I come from a land over the sea
I come from Munich;
It's the place to be.
I like to go fast,
Just tell me when, and I will step on the gas

My heart beats with 215 horses and was built by hand
The trick to the trade is my dual vanos and cams
On an open road you will hear my exhaust sing
But I'm more famous for owning all of Nurburging

My owner brags because my similarities to a jet.
Although I hate my big brother, the Z06 Corvette.
My owner doesn't have to worry about any kind of defeat
I am flying threw the corners, pinning him to his seat.

I'm cruising down the road, then out of the corner of my eye I see a car flying on by, he is going really fast
This doesn't impress me much,
For I know his car was built in the distant past.

I don't think he realizes that Slipping, sliding and slamming the pavement Isn't a once a while thing, it's a regular engagement.
The car is dark red, with stickers all over
This straight up tells me his car accelerates like on old rangerover.

For I will pass on that race
For I know a Honda sets a really slow pace
Although he insists, and guarantee's a win,
I start to pray, for I know he just committed a sin.

We line up at the light; I turn on my V1 radar detector
No cops or citizens in sight.
His taillights are smoked, and only has one JDM part
I am going to hate to win, and embarrass his sweetheart.

The light turns green and we are off in a blast.
I haven't even hit the gas, and I have already passed
He gets a small lead and thinks he is the star of the action, but I know he is in trouble when my 328ci get traction.

After the start his car is sluggish and extremely slow
He should have gave it his all, and saved for a big turbo.
I slow, and he rolls down his window, and give a friendly wave I just grin, and say to myself "just another Honda put to the grave"

I get back on the track, no ricers in sight.
They must all think that street racing is really tight.
After a long day or...
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