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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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The origins of BMW trace back to 1913 when Karl Friedrich Rapp, who was a Bavarian(well-known engineer in a German aircraft company in Munich. The company specialized in airplane engines. But it was a problematic area. He had a financial difficulties and decided to form new company owners Franz-Jozef Popp and financier Camillo Castiglioni and relaunched Motoren Werke and because Rapp was Bavarian there was a new name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke (BFW) was formed after a short time the name was changed to BMW and from the beginnig they started to produce airplane engines. At the beginning of the 20´s BMW slapped their logo, which is unchanged until today. After the war the treaty of versailles prohibited BMW to switch to manufacturing air brakes for railway cars. After this treaty company started to focus on developing motorcycles engines. Ower a 2 years they built 2 motorcycle models(Victoria, Flink) and after this they built their first BMW factory. Two-wheeled vehicles quickly turned into four-wheeled ones in 1928. With their motorcycles they made world records, because they were the fast motorcycles. In 1932 they launch new car model 3/20 PS. As time passed by, BMW got bigger and bigger and, shortly before the Wold War II outbreak, took over some more factories in the vicinity of Berlin. Due to BMW's versatility and need for mechanized faming implements and spare parts, the first BMW bicycle was born. They started to export their motorcycles to new york in 2 decades. The last one at the beginning of the 40´s. The 1955 Isetta, powered by a 12/13 hp motorcycle engine, becomes a favorite among customers. Over 160,000 units are sold, transforming the Isetta into a symbol of the post-war decade. They had a lot of technological improvements on their cars. With the help of Herbert Quandt, BMW, still a share-owned company, is brought one step closer to independence. The 60's brought a multitude of achievements with the 1500 and 1600 series, as well as a range of new sedans, the 2500, 2800, American Bavaria and the 2.5 CS and 2800 CS coupe models. Production lines that would become worldwide pieces of success soon came out, such as the 6 and 7 series and the recently reconstructed BMW M1 model. By the end of the 70's, BMW had dug deep into other car-improvement related fields as well, and electronics proved to be the perfect ground for growing BMW's next generation of computerized car devices. Economic fuel research then became top priority. Research started to be heavily reinforced and reached new uncharted areas through the employment of over 6,000 people. Once the Z1 one came along, the profits kept pile-up trend. Caring for the customer and staying ahead of competition was proof enough that BMW had turned into a true, mature brand. Business development:

BMW has various sources for research and product development: A well known BMW location is the Engineering Center (FIZ) in Munich. This institution was launched in 1987, implementing the idea of co-location. Co-location stands for bringing together all people into one site, who are concerned with the product development process, incl. suppliers. Nowadays about 5,000 researchers, engineers and technicians are working at the FIZ. A design studio in California, which provides trendy designs from one of the most creative places of the world. A project team in Japan, which serves as an antenna into Japanese technical developments. BMW-Technik GmbH, which was launched in 1985 and is responsible for idea generation off-site, equipped with own design facilities, acoustic wind tunnel and various other facilities for noise reduction. This company employs about 100 people. Company mission and business focus:

Reading the BMW Group mission statement, it's easy to understand why the BMW Group is clearly associated with premium products, premium prices, and premium experiences. The BMW mission statement is... The BMW Group is the world's leading provider of premium...
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