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1. Introduction
Operations management is a process where system direction and control of the processes transforms inputs into finished goods and services. It is also the way organization do produce goods and their services. It’s a process of transforming and oversetting set of resources that is inputs in to services and goods which is output. Operations Functions of B.M.W comprises of a significant number of employees and their physical assets in various organizations (Mondy & Premeaux, 1992). Its also determins the equipments which are used and some information should go in an operation system and also how this equipments can be able to market the place. Managers they are the one who are supposed to be responsible on their activities such as quality management and control in their business. The Importance of operation have increased in recent years. Managers they do play a big role in satisfying their customer’s needs and making their business to be firm and strong. Inputs recourses might be raw materials or information or customers.

Some examples of inputs in the B.M.W Company which include:-customers - this is a process where you are involved in processing your ticket and baggage. Raw Materials this is where some plastics product they are melted and they do form a mold. Information; a divisor do gather some information to clients and assist in developing in financial plans. Output it’s a product or services required by customers and its broadest sense of the word. Overview functions they involves a lot of different disciplines. Productions do have service which operations have (U.S Departments of Education Institute of Education Sciences, 2009).


Operation management is the way products and goods and services are concerned with organizing the process of getting thing which are been done. The operation is also used for transforming process and converting a set of resources into services and goods. Operations management’s functions of the B.M.W involve different disciplines, production and services. Operation management functions do have a central role in most firms. The functions which are defined to select this determine which product or services will be produced and by which process (Mondy & Premeaux, 1992).

Designing in the B.M.W sector involve creation method, whereby the operation involves actual process and meeting of schedules and also do certify production and standards. Operations functions here manager is supposed to be responsible for the success of the products units. This person need knowledge which is base in technology of products which are been processed .In customers participation it leads to storage ,transporting and stocking, and at the same time customer supplies with some of the products. Using customers as labor, enables them to do self service and this require customers to physically and mentally able to help themselves (Mondy & Premeaux, 1992).

Retaining an existing customer at the B.M.W Company is much cheaper costs of winning new customers. The designing of a poorly product or service can fail to market needs and expectations. It’s more important to make products are well delivered and processed and closely linked. The designer must work together with the product so that he or she can make it to me more successful introduction of a new product or services. Products they are experience through materials, equipments and people, People they do know what can be done so as to solve problems (Chase & Jacobs et al, 2001). The right quality it’s not best but it’s determined by the cost of the products and the technical characteristics and the requirements. Manufacturers should procedure the best products in the right numbers and if they are produced in...
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