Bmw Efficient Dynamics Pr-Campaign Analysis

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BMW-campaign for introducing Efficient Dynamics in Hungary, 2009 Executive Summary
The campaign introduced the new Efficient Dynamics technology of BMW by creating the team “BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics” and participating on long-term races to make customers know and understand the real advantage of the technology: that low fuel consumption and emissions combined with out-standing performance leads in success by competing even vs. sport cars positioned on a much higher level. The campaign covered two long-term races in 2009, one at Nürburgring and one at Hungaroring. (Thanks to their successes, the BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics got the chance to continue racing in 2010 as well, though, it was NOT the part of the original PR-campaign. (That is why I have not included them in the analysis.) ) Issue(s)

The target group of BMW contains well-situated businessmen and women, who want to be elegant and sporty at the same time. People usually buy cars like BMW not just to have a car but also to demonstrate their “power” and money. This new technology is focused on efficiency and environmental awareness, but if the campaign emphasizes these features too much, it can backfire, because efficiency is usually connected to low-performance in customers’ mind. So a special way had to be found, in which they overwrite the previous meanings (‘bad’ and ‘poor’) of efficiency in people’s mind. Insight / Perspective

They identified that “best defence is attack”—instead of trying to prove that customers will not lose their powerful image, they wanted to make obvious that by buying the new BMW they just further strengthen it. For this, the campaign had to delete the connection “efficient, BUT strong” and build the new one: “efficient, SO strong”. The Pr-company also realized that they have to choose a kind of event which is associated with power and generates a big publicity in itself. The perfect choice was: sport. Strategy

Races had to be found where efficiency can become an advantage. Long-term ones seemed to be ideal for this. (If the same amount of fuel is enough for a longer distance, they have to refuel a couple of times less and this means a lot of advantage.) They have chosen 2 races (2 races are enough to prove and they can be covered by a quite low budget as well). They formed a team called BMW Team Hungary with Efficient Dynamics and participated on two long-term races, one at Nürburgring and one at Hungaroring (the first one provided the credibility—it is one of the world’s most well-known long-term races, the second one let customers to collect some experiences from very close, in their home-country.) The members of the team were:

• László Palik—car-racer and very famous Formula-1 commentator known almost by the whole audience who are interested in cars or sports. As the former director of Hungaroring, he has a close relationship with all forms of media reporting about sports or cars. • János Vida—well-known car-racer, reporter of one of the biggest Hungarian portals, • Gábor Wéber—well-known car-racer and Formula-1 commentator, the Hungarian editor of the biggest Formula-1 magazine • Csaba Walter—successful racer and commentator

(The main advantages of the strategy were:
• The identity of drivers guaranteed the high level of publicity in itself because of the important positions they had in the Hungarian media. • It was based on the idea that Hungarian people are easily influenced by sport events. This is one of the few areas of life where they are able to catch up and cheer as one for someone. (The history of the country, especially the 50’s is the best explanation for this.) • According to a study published by RtlKlub (most famous Hungarian Tv-channel), the second most famous and most viewed sport is Formula-1 right after football; this shows how much people are interested in motorsports....
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