Bmw Case Study

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  Jim McDowell:BMW Case study      1

                                          BMW Case study                                                                                                                                 Principle of marketing                                                                                     November 27/2011



          This case study is about BMW’s advertising techniques and about Jim McDowell, former VP of Marketing for BMW in North America and the Debate on how to respond to the success of the company’s latest marketing campaign, "BMW Films" McDowell is, facing questions like what should BMW do for an encore? He is considering four options which have different ideas. My paper will be discussing about which options he should consider on using and other opinions that I have about the short films that BMW is known for.

Before reading the BMW case, I decided to watch the video and had an opinion about the different videos. As I was watching the short film on line, I was impressed by the way they presented their product and brought great ideas .They promoted the car in a way that is not constantly shoving the BMW logo in our face instead, they impressed the customers with what that car can do. The BMW films idea was creative. There are many companies that tried to promote their product by forming a short film but did not succeed because of their way of endorsing it. On one of the short films that I was watching, “Hostage!” ( John Woo with Clive Owen & Kathryn Morris/BMW) I noticed that the films don’t feel like a commercial, they present it in a way that the customer or whoever is watching the film will feel connected to the car. For example, as I was watching it I felt like it was a real movie but at the same time I learned how the BMW was...
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