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Topics: Brand, Advertising, Brand management Pages: 14 (2373 words) Published: July 9, 2012
Subject : Advertising in contemporary society
To recognize the roles of advertising in modern society
To understand the current developments and problems concerning advertising as an economic and social force. Appreciate the increasingly international nature of advertising. To analyze the interdependent nature of advertising and popular culture. Syllabus

1. Advertising in the Indian economy(10 lectures)
Role of advertising in the Indian economy
Liberalization and the resultant changes in buying patterns. Impact of global competition in the field of advertising.
Present day economic issues & Policies & their effects on advertising 2. Advertising and culture(10 lectures)
Role of advertising in bringing about changes in culture, customs and traditions. The interdependent nature of advertising and popular culture (i.e., fashion, music, films, slang). Effects of globalization on the Indian advertising

The impact of advertising on commercialization of culture
Making messages culture-specific
Cross cultural psychological segmentation
Need and benefits of for assimilation of universal ideas with local flavour. Cross-cultural Advertising
3. Advertising and the audience(6 lectures)
Market power
Marketer’s control on the media
Impact of advertising on attitudes, behaviour, societal norms, perception, needs, lifestyles Controversial advertising discuss with the help of current examples Social implications of advertising
Gender, diversity issues, Generational issues-children, youth, elders Growing influence of advertising and its criticism
4. Global advertising (16 lectures)
The scope and challenges of International advertising
Current global trends
Multinational competition and its impact
Product packaging for international markets
Promotion for international markets
5. Internet marketing (6 lectures)
WWW as an advertising tool
6. Social marketing (2 lectures)
What is social marketing?
Need for and objectives of social marketing
Tools and components of social marketing
Books list
Philip R Cateora and John L. Graham, International marketing-Irwin McGraw Hill 1999 D.Lamont Handbook of global marketing-Identify books2000
William F arens and Courtland L Bovee, Contemporary advertising-Irwin 1994 Philip Kotler and Eduardo L Roberto, Social marketing-strategies for changing public behaviour-The free press-1989 Paul Timmers, Electronic commerce – strategies and models for business to business trading-John Wiley and sons 1999 Dave Chaffey, Richard Mayer, Kevin Johnston and Fiona Ellis Chadwick, Internet marketing –Financial times-Prentice Hall Mica Nava, Andrew Blake, Iain Macrury and Barry Richards, Buy this book-Studies in advertising and consumption-Routledge 1997 Jib Fowles, Advertising and Popular Culture. –Sage Publications 1996 Mary Cross, Advertising and Culture-Prentice Hall 2001

10. Elioise Coupey, Marketing and the internet-Prentice Hall 2001 11. Roxanne Hovland and Gary B. Wilcox Lincolnwood Advertising in Society : Classic and Contemporary Readings on Advertising’s Role in Society, NTC Business Books. 1989. 12. Neil Barrett, Getting your message across the World Wide Web 13. Advertising in Contemporary Society by Kim B Rotzoll, James E Haefner, University of Illinois Press 1994. Revised Syllabus

To familiarize the students with the concept of copywriting as selling through writing
To develop their inherent writing skills
To train students to generate, develop and express ideas effectively To familiarize students with contemporary advertising techniques and Practices
(Lectures to be used for both theory and practical, with more emphasis on practical. Show Indian and/or international ads as reference material wherever possible) 1. Copywriting, Introduction, Responsibility of Copy writer. Attributes of a good copywriter

Principles of copywriting
2. Creative Strategy: Planning and...
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