Bmc - Chapter One

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* Introduction
Human beings exchanged news long before they could write. They spread news by word of mouth on crossroads, at campfires or at markets. Messengers raced back from battlefields with reports on victories or defeats. Criers walked through villages announcing births, deaths, marriages and divorces. Stories of unlikely occurrences spread, in the words of one anthropological report, "like wildfire" through preliterate societies. With the arrival of writing and literacy news reports gained added reliability and so was the need to put news in a more formal way thus the birth of newspapers. Newspapers has been regarded (apart from radio) for many years as the best means in circulating government, politics and social media to the citizen of the country. Some twenty to thirty years ago, our media was dominated by only print news papers and radio. There were only two major radio stations and four major news papers both belonging to either the government or the ruling party two in English and the other two in Kiswahili. (The Daily news, Sunday times for the government, Uhuru and Mzalendo for ruling party). The choices to read were not about which ones to read (except for language choices) but rather what to read. Those who were fond of sports they read about sports first and those of politics had their own share likewise.

Towards the end of 1980, more news papers joined in and in different focuses and styles, some concentrating on politics, some sports, some business, some comedy or popularly known as “Udaku”. For the first time readers were given opportunity to choose based on categories and those of the same category the choice criteria was either the heading or the story they carry.

1.1 Background of the study
1.2.1 The internet
Internet services have been available in Tanzania since 1996 but there was no fiber connectivity available to the Internet backbone till 2009. Till then, the connectivity was over Satellite network to the rest of the world, even to the neighboring countries. The number of internet users was estimated to 4.8 million by June 2010, out of which only 5% use internet services from Cyber Cafes, 55% from organization/Institutions and 40% from households. In terms of penetration only 11% of Tanzanians were accessing and using internet services. 1.2.2 The online newspapers

The coming of internet services here resulted in the introduction to the online newspapers. Currently Tanzania has more than 14 newspapers that are registered online like the Citizen, Daily News, Arusha times, the Guardian, and so on just to mention a few. Most of the online registered newspapers also maintain the printed version of their newspapers. This action gave their readers more choices as to what version to read between the soft copy and the print copy. There are those who prefer to read the online version only, and some willingly or due to lack of internet would jump to print or hard copies and few will prefer to read both. 1.2.3 The Email, Twitter and Facebook

There are other services too that came with internet like emails, facebook, twitter, linkedin, badoo, and many others that continue to play a significance role over the use of internet. Facebook and email were must have tools for anyone who had access to internet and for those who did not have were regarded as people out of touch or old fashioned. 1.2.4 The cell phones

Most of the cell phones that come to the market now are internet ready, and most of its users especially the young ones are fast using internet through cell phones. This shows the number of people using internet is growing day by day and a little more knowledge to the proper use of internet should be given to our young ones from time to...
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