Bluetooth Technology

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Thesis Paper

Application of Bluetooth Technology Wireless Vehicle Logger
By Edward Eeson Supervised by Dr. Adam Postula

Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering The University of Queensland

Submitted for the Degree of Bachelor of Engineering In the division of Computer Systems Engineering October 2001

150 Highland Tce. St. Lucia QLD 4067 Tel. (07) 33712969 Oct 19, 2001

The Dean School of Engineering University of Queensland St Lucia, QLD 4072 Dear Professor Simmons, In accordance with the requirements of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in the division of Computer Systems Engineering, I present the following thesis entitled ‘Bluetooth Application: Vehicle Logger’. This work was performed under the supervision of Dr Adam Postula. I declare that the work submitted in this thesis is my own, except as acknowledged in the text, references and has not been previously submitted for a degree at the University of Queensland or any other institutions. Yours Sincerely,

Edward Eeson

Bluetooth Application: Vehicle Logger

This paper was written as the 4th year thesis project for the Computer Systems Engineering Degree at the University of Queensland. application of the Bluetooth Standard. It Contains a study and It was conducted at the University of

Queensland St. Lucia Campus and at the iLab facility in Toowong from February 2001 to October 2001 under the supervision of Dr. Adam Postula. It is intended for those with a strong level of technical ability who are interested in Bluetooth technology and/or digital wireless communication in general. Acknowledgements For making this thesis possible and giving me the chance to learn about the Bluetooth standard I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Adam Postula. For providing the resources used during this thesis I would like to thank the iLab staff. Your generous donation of office space, PC’s and Bluetooth kits was of great assistance and has been much appreciated. Thanks must also go to the other guys doing thesis’ at iLab, Matt, Benny etc. for the valuable advice and pointers that really helped me out. Acknowledgements must also go to Nathan, Chris, Matt (the other Matt), Jack, Rich, Nick, Simon, Mark and Jeff K for helping keep things in perspective during this project.

Author: Edward Eeson


Bluetooth Application: Vehicle Logger

Upon entering the 21st century, wireless facilities for personal and commercial applications are becoming more desirable and, thanks to advances in wireless technology, also more attainable. Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard aimed at removing the need for cables between a wide range of electronic devices such as PCs, PDAs, and mobile phones.

It was the objective of this thesis to develop the hardware and software for an application using the Bluetooth standard. The application was to aimed at establishing wireless connections between fixed and mobile (vehicular) modules to allow the exchange of data specific to the vehicles’ objective.

It was speculated that this application could be used in tracking, shipping and security industries where vehicles equipped with the mobile modules could interface with fixed waystations to exchange required data and process needed transactions.

The hardware component of a Bluetooth application is required to handle the lower layers of the BT protocol stack. After much research it was determined the Ericsson Starter Kits provided by iLab would be required as the cost of BT hardware is currently quite high.

The software component of the application was written in the Microsoft Visual C++ development environment. After strenuous attempts at using the freeware Cstack Bluetooth protocol stack, it was decided the problems associated with using this stack were too great and so the Ericsson reference stack was used instead.

The completed application consisted of a client (vehicle) program, a server (waystation)...
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