Bluetooth Technology

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Bluetooth Technology
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Abstract—Bluetooth has been regarded as a promising solution to an inexpensive wireless connection. Although initial application of Bluetooth technology has been focused mainly on replacing cables between hand-held devices, general wireless telecommunication such as public Internet access via a Bluetooth-equipped device is expected to be one of the most popular applications in the near future. However, it is not well understood whether the performance of Bluetooth-based systems is sufficient for such an application. We present preliminary results of performance evaluation of a Bluetooth-based Internet access point. The evaluation is based on simulation of an Internet access model consisting of a Bluetooth-based network access point and a number of Bluetooth-equipped notebook computers. The simulation results indicate that Bluetooth provides performance comparable to the fastest dial-up modem even when a number of users share a single Bluetooth radio unit. Better performance is expected when more than one Bluetooth radio unit are employed such that each unit services different usersconcurrently.Brief explanation regarding the topic Bluejacking.


Bluetooth wireless technology is a short range communications technology intended toreplace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other. Simplifying communication between:

_devices and the internet
_data synchronization

What’s with the name

The epithet of the tenth-century king Harald I of Denmark and parts of Norway who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom.The implication is that Bluetooth does the same with communication protocols,uniting them into one universal standard.

1 Bluetooth Logo

The Bluetooth logo is a bind runic characteristic merging the Younger Futhark runes

( [pic] ) (Hagall)

(ᚼ) and  [pic] (Bjarkan)


2 Who Started Bluetooth

It was created by the group Ericson Mobile Communication in 1994. It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to data cables. Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group(SIG) which has more than 15,000 member companies in the areas of telecommunication,computing,networking, and electronics.

How does it WORK?

Bluetooth is a tiny, radio frequency chips that can be plugged into your devices. This chip were designed to take all the information that your wires normally send,and transmit it at a special frequency to something called a Receiver Bluetooth Chip. These devices can form a quick ad-hoc secure piconetand start communication. A collection of devices connected via Bluetooth technology in an ad hoc fashion. A piconet starts with two connected devices, and may grow to eight connected devices. All Bluetooth devices are peer units and have identical implementations. However, when establishing a piconet, one unit will act as a Master and the other(s) as slave(s) for the duration of the piconet connection. Master And Slave

Device in Piconet whose clock and hopping sequence are used to synchronize all other devices (slaves) in the Piconet. It also carries out Paging procedure and also Connection Establishment. Slaves

Units within the piconet that are synchronized to the master via its clock and hopping sequence. After connection establishment, Slaves are assigned a temporary 3 bit member address to reduce the no. of addressing bits required.

1 Bluetooth Frequency

Bluetooth Technology uses the radio technology called frequency hopping spread spectrum which chops up the data being sent and transmits chunks of it on up to 79 bands.

100kHz – 10mHz : AM Radio

10mHz – 100mHz : TV,...
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