Blueprint for Hollywood: An Acting School

Topics: Film, Acting, Actor Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: April 19, 2011
On friday February 4th I went with a friend to a place called Blueprint for Hollywood, which is an acting school founded by actor Kristen Shaw and her Co-founder Karli G. Brooks. When we first got there Karli Brooks instructed us to sit in a room with a group of other people that were interested in attendint the school so we can view a screening of some of the work that Kristen Shaw has done in her career and in her video I saw alot of top of the line actors such she has worked with and witnessed the many roles she has played in during her career.Karli also showed us some of the commercials that some of the students at the school have done and we viewed some slate reels that students put together which Kristen Shaw says its highly recommended over demo reels now as oppose to the past. Kristen spoke to us about how she moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career but prior to her move she had no acting experience and how u dont have to be a natural born actor to pursue an acting career and pursuing a career in acting can be for anyone. She talked about how when she made it to L.A she knew she would need more expierience if she ever wanted to have a chance at making it into the entertainment industry. She said she took classes for every aspect of acting from on camera acting to scence study. She said by being a well trained actor before she tried to break into the entertainment industry helped alot because if your an actor who isnt as trained or expierienced and try to audition for parts films and fail repeatedly in front of many different casting directors than it looks really hurts you in future auditions because casting directors will remember you and no matter how much better you get they will always remember when you failed to get a part. Kristen also discussed the difference of her acting experiences in Atlanta compared to Los angeles. Since there's a saturation of actors in L.A due to the Hollywood and just the history of...
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