Bluebeard Reading Response Essay

Topics: English-language films, Short story, Bluebeard Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Reader Response
In the short story Bluebeard, there is a man who is married to an average house wife. The main part of this story is how Bluebeard leaves his house for a week or so for some reason. This results in leaving his wife all alone in Bluebeards house, where his wife has not seen a whole lot of it. Bluebeard gave her a key and said there is a secret closet in the house that you are permitted from. So the wife goes on searching and does not think about that one closet. However, her curiosity kicks in and nothing stops her from checking in the closet. As she opened the door, she saw something very shocking and terrifying. A bunch of dead bodies laid in the closet. This had made the women panic and not know what to do, until her husband came and attempted to kill her. Fortunately, her brothers came and killed Bluebeard, saving her life. A problem that stands out to me in this story is the fact that the wife did not do anything right away, when she saw the closet. Instead of panicking and waiting for Bluebeard, she could have fled and called the police station, arresting Bluebeard. This short story can remind many readers of past life experiences, such as when getting in deep trouble, and not trying to get out of it, and instead taking the blame and paying the consequences . I really disagree in the situation where Bluebeard did not kill the wife right away, instead he kept extended the time, giving her time to get help. If he really did want her killed secretly, he should have sliced her in seconds. When the wife decided to open the closet and see the dead bodies, this affected Bluebeard through the rest of the story. If she did not open the closet, Bluebeard would not have died because she would have never known about the bodies. Bluebeards character in this short story portrays him as an evil and violent man. I would definitely not want him as a friend or companion of mine, because based on the context, he has no characteristics of a friend. The person...
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