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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Bluebeard (2009)


-venue: convent “buried in prayers is worse that buried alive)

-characters: two sisters (making haste to be married off)

Begins with losing a child nun (i.e. Catherine) (she is recognized as a spoiled and impertinent kid)

Catherine has been exploring a hidden and forbidden room

Juxtaposition of another story (revealing her past): the father threw himself at the carriage to save a child and died (sacrifice)(choice is wrong??)-> the child nuns are sent away by Mother Superior

Castle: “the poor have to work their hides off for the rich.”

“ It was built because of wars. It’s a fortress against invasions. Barbarism’s everywhere”

← Bloodthirsty Bluebeard’s castle

← Justice is for the rich, not the poor

← Hated Mother superior

“you’re too young” -> cant listen to bluebeard’s story,

Nor father’s corpse

Catherine is reading Bluebeard to her sister


You have to be poor to love him- Bluebeard is rich but ugly

Bluebeard offers a marriage -> wealth (kindness)

(e.g. Cinderella’s plot- inviting eligible to the party)

Humorous side of Bluebeard: One should realize who one is

Sensitive: realize himself being the monster (hidden evil is more horrifying)

Compassionate: it will be her turn to be beautiful

Outdoing her sister out of jealousy by marrying Bluebeard ??


Demanding for her own bedroom and Bluebeard allows with some considerations

Kind-hearted bluebeard who doesn’t compel his wife to do anything against her will.

The keys and the rooms (no forbidden room)-

Your beard isn’t blue

Loves luxurious and gets used to the materialistic life

- Romanticism between bluebeard and the girl

Solar eclipse being observed

Curiosity converted to learning during the lord’s leave

Bluebeard remains mysterious...
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