Blue Velvet: Scene Analysis

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Radical critical analysis

Ljubljana, 1.6.2011

In autumn I am moving with my parents to a new house in Brezovica. I will be twenty-four years old. It worrys me, it is choking me, I am gathering wall tiles, I don't want to have wall tiles, I am getting panic attacks, I hate the architect, shower stall is too small, the ceiling is too low, the wardrobe room is not right. I am a spoiled, thankless brat. All Parents toil their whole life for their children, that they can offer them all the best for their well being but every child usually fantasises about their own way in life, how to be independent eventhough nowadays that is extremely hard. I study, I work, however too little, that I could even consider independence and taking care for monthly costs. When I was a teenager i belived that by the age of 21 you can reach all your most wanted goals in life, but now at the age of 24 and the move with my parents I am afraid that my youth will not last so long that I could enjoy life and have a little freedom before becoming an adult. Because of that I decided to make my research about who's fault it is that we lack of independency. Is it a problem that the young people make or the system? Why and when is this even happening.

Dr. Tina Bregant, a resident of pediatrics, a doctoral student of neuropediatrics, is looking into the development of the brain at the pediatric university hospital in Ljubljana. She is describing, that the brain is maturing almost until your thirtieth years. The process of maturing is connected with mylinization, the disposal process of myelin. We can say that the process of mylinization of the nerves is a process for the connection between nervous maturing and learning. The equipping of nerves with myelin sheath allows the translation of impulses. This process goes round punctually in certain sequences (from the middle of your body outward and from head downward) . It gives you the base for learning any particular skill and the sequence of this learning is choosing to learn. It is proved that at the end of the brain development, gaining independence or learning to be independent is assigned to the period of teenagerhood. This is a period of rebelhood. Because they do not agree with certain things, their performance is more honest, direct, without reservation and harm calculation. With a thirty year old we lose a lot of that impulse behaviour because from that period on we focus on a thought way of life. And if we think about it without those years of learning every teenager would have to automaticlly make himself lunch, clean behind oneself, wash his own close go to work and make a living.

We could say that from the time of socialism Slovenia strongly encourages education, the most for professions, and secondly for universities. We are one of the highest on the chart in the European Union today, because 71 percent of youngsters during seventeen and twenty-four years old are in schools and in faculties. Sociologist Marta Gregorčič is explaining , that this is driven by ambitions of their parents and different social groups, and the thought, that good education was an ensurence of a good position at any company. However unfortunately, that is not the case any more because today a good education is not what it was and even in some places it is considered less than a good reference of any imporant person.

Gregorčič is marking this problems also with the structure of the educational process, that is formed like this, that a student does not learn wider knowledge any more, no insights, no analyses, that would assure him professional work. Students get partial, half knowledge, that we call as 'banking rudiment' of education, he is not capable of answering or interceding at wider social problems. But our educational system is formed...
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