Blue Shield Case Study

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Blue Shield Case Study

With whom, exactly, does Blue Shield 65 Plus want to communicate? What effect does Blue Shield 65 Plus want its communications to have on the target audience?

Medicare coverage can be a confusing topic for consumers approaching age 65. With that in mind, Blue Shield of California revamped its direct mail strategy for targeting consumers about to become Medicare-eligible. Moving away from the "active senior" approach of its previous "Defy" campaign, the insurer sought to educate consumers with its "We'll get you there" direct mail effort. The company sent timed mailings to consumers nearing their 65th birthdays with checklists of important tasks to complete, such as researching Medicare online or enrolling in the program. It was a move to a more informational, educational and helpful approach to folks as they are approaching age 65 and Medicare eligibility. They wanted to make sure the seniors knew that even though it is complicated, they will do what they can make sure it is a smooth and simple transition. The effect is to be simple and to the point so that the older target audience understand the commericals and that they are friendly. The older target audience respond better to simplicity.

What message will achieve the desired effect on its audience?

That they are their for their customers, even if they don’t have a ride to the doctor, they have a free shuttle to the appointment, you just have to call 24 hours in advance. They want to make sure their customers know they are their for them at all times and are only looking out for whats best for them. Also the medical care being offered is more targeted to what they need. They wanted to focus on creating a relationship with consumers, rather than painting aspirational pictures. Seniors want to deal with individuals with whom they have rapport. If you can be the one to establish a relationship, you have a better chance of making a stronger impression.

What means...
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