Blue Ocean Strategy for Shishu Park

Topics: Cost, Price, Environment Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Buyer Utility Map:
Purchase Delivery Use Supplement Maintenance Disposal

Customer Productivity




Fun and Image

Environmental Friendliness

In this buyer utility map we have six stages of the buyer experience cycle and the six utility levers. Over here we want to deliver exceptional utility to buyers as well as various experiences buyers can have with our services. Firstly, comes customer productivity and use. As we know customer productivity is something that helps customers to do things faster or better. In our shishu park we’ll provide some sorts of fun rides to which customers can easily involve themselves. And they can have fun faster and better. Then we have convenience and use. Our shishu park is situated at the heart of the city. So it is very convenient for our customers to come to shishu park from their home or office. Whereas our competitors are situated at Ashulia, which is very far-away from the capital and customers are sometimes reluctant to go to those places. Now comes fun and image and delivery. We are delivering lots of exciting rides to our customers and at the same time we’ll going to provide virtual theme park and jogger’s parl, safari park to our customers. Thus our customers will get enormous fun which they will not get from our competitors. Another box that we have targeted in our buyer utility map is fun and image and maintenance. Since we are providing lots of fun stuff and at the same time food court, security, good environment, we need to maintain those things so that these things can sustain for a long period of time. On the other hand, our competitors may not give attention to maintain those things. Our last box is environmental friendliness and delivery. We are very conscious about our environment and thus we’ll provide...
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