Blue Nile

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St. Thomas University

The Opus College of Business
The Opus College of Business school offers three degrees including Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Real Estate, and a minor in Business. The BA degree in Business Administration has seven majors and twelve concentrations. The concentrations has a diverse range of business related topics such as Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership and Management, and Human Resources. The BS degree in Real Estate provides students with a background in general business and real estate theory and practice. The degree focuses around property assessment and sales, how they change and how these changes affect real estate and individuals. Related courses offered include property taxation, land-use planning, environmental protection, urban redevelopment and government-assisted home financing programs.

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate offers a wide variety of internship opportunities specifically for Real Estate students in the Twin Cities. The Real Estate Society creates a community for Real Estate students to socialize with peers of the same major as well as networking with Twin Cities real estate professionals. Additionally, each student will partner with a member of practitioner-experienced faculty who will act as personal advisor and career coach.

Small Business Institute (SBI)
Since its inception in 1974, the Small Business Institute (SBI) at the University of St. Thomas has been instrumental in the success and growth of many businesses in the Twin Cities area. SBI leverages UST business faculty and students to provide exceptional business consulting. To create unique, extraordinarily rich learning opportunities for students as they apply their knowledge and skills to real-world business situations.

Study Abroad
More than 800 UST students study abroad each year. One of the most popular study abroad options for Undergraduate Business majors is the “London Business Semester”. It’s a fall semester program for Business majors of junior or senior standing, led by two College of Business faculty. Over 400 students have studied in the program since it began in Fall 1995. The abroad credits are able to transfer into major core requirements such as the BUS 200 Community Service class. Many students choose to complete their BUS 200 Community Service requirement while abroad. The course requires students to contribute about 8,000 hours of service to communities and the learning they acquire will be applied every day of their business lives.


All business majors must complete general courses in Business Writing in addition to Economics, Statistics, and Accounting. Students are also required to complete a Senior Inquiry, a capstone project/paper in which students draw from their comprehensive learning experience. Internship with research component is listed as one of the three optional course works to complete this major requirement. Each student develops his or her Senior Inquiry in partnership with a professor or internship mentor.

90% of Augustana business students complete internships, compared with 75% nationwide. Full-time departmental business internships fulfill three business administration credits and up to six 300-level general education credits. A maximum of nine internship credits may be counted towards graduation.

Study Abroad
The Business Administration Department offers many domestic and international internship programs to help students gain experience and knowledge. Internships like the Australia Internship Program and London Internship Program are specifically designed for Business majors. The internship abroad credits are counted the same as a domestic internship and therefore, all credits are able to be counted towards graduation as either a Senior Inquiry requirement or business electives.

Corporate Visit
The department also establishes...
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