Blue Monday Case Study

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This case wos prepored by Di.stingrishecl Prc.fbssor o.f' Clttbal Resprsn,sible Lcuclership Henri-Claude de Bettignies at CEIBS and Research Studies Manager Charlotte Butler at the Euro-Asia Centre-IIr{SEAD.This case was inspired by a paper written by Chuck Jiang and Matthew Xue for a course taught by Professor H.C. de Bettignies. The case wos prepared as the basisfor class discussion rather than to illustrate either ffictive or inffictive handling of an adm inistrative situs tion. Copyright @ 2009 by CEIBS (China Europe International BusinessSchool) and II,{SEAD. part }Vo of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval systern,or transmitted in any form or by any means-electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise-without the permission of CEIBS. is by TheCEIBS Case Centre sponsored McKinsey Company. & Distributed by ecch, UK and USA North America t +1 781 239 5884 Rest of the world t +44 (0)1234750903



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Blue Monday
Anita Li For Anita L| senior sales rep for the Chinesesubsidiaryof PharmacylInc., a multinationalpharmaceutical company,it was the start of yet anotherblue Monday. quarterrunningshehad not achieved salesquota.As sheparked For the second her headquarters, thoughtabouthow shecouldexplain she her car in the yardat company her failure at the salesreview meetingtaking place that morning at. 10.30.Her by supervisor, knew,would not be pleased her performance. she so It had all seemed different sevenyearsago when she had graduated from Jiatong Universityand got her first job as a salesrep with a local Chinesepharmaceutical company. Then shehad beenfull of ambition,determined shineat her job and be to The the company's best salesperson. first six yearshad gone very well. Anita had pharmaceutical knowledgeable aboutthe Chinese workedhard,become industryand achieved excellentsalesrecord.Using this as a springboard, had appiiedfor an she jobs and landedher presentpost at the newly formed China subsidiary a other of pharmaceutical giant.All her colleagues enviedher sucha coveted multinational had postbut for Anita, it wasthe first stepin a successful international career. on she Spurred by her ambition, hadworkedevenharderin this new company, setting herselfthe goal of creatinga new salesrecord.But to her immense disappointment, Instead, this had not happened. Anita had found herselffailing for the first time in her to life as shestruggled survivein a very differentcompany culture.Threetimesin the last year shehad missedher quarterlysales target,and now shehad to faceher boss and explain her failure. As she locked the car and walked towardsthe big glass China,Anita wondered whethershecould give him the entrance doorsof Pharmacyl realreason her why shehadmissed target, find someotherexcuse. or Alex Brown In the meetingroom Alex Brown,Pharmacyl China'ssales directorand Anita's boss, was waiting for the salesteamto gather. This was his first experience working in of China.Americanby birth, he had beenwith Pharmacyl ten yearsand had worked for for the companyin severalcountries. However,after a year working in China he admittedto himselfthat he found the pharmaceutical system therequite differentfrom any other country, though it was difficult to put his f,rngeron where exactly the lay. difference The main reason, his view, was because a foreigner could not in...
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