Blue Jeans

Topics: Jeans, Indigo dye, Denim Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: November 12, 2010
There’s More to a Pair of Jeans than You Thought
Jeans are pants and a world icon for the casual look. It has been so far for decades. I t is known for its comfort and many different styles of fitting. It’s now available in many different colours but perhaps the most famous one is blue jeans. There’s more to a pair of jeans than you thought. Most of you probably think that jeans are just made in factories by machines, but that is certainly not the case. For starters, the brass wire that makes up the teeth of the zip comes from Japan. Which means it is probably a strong and sturdy material and quality. The Japanese are known for that. The threads that are stitched to hold the jeans together are made in Coast Viyella again, very firm in material. They are made in Lisnaskea, Northern Ireland. The buttons and rivets are made from brass. They come from a German-based firm that uses Australian zinc and Namibian copper. The dark blue denim has been brought from Haldenim in Milan where it is dyed using synthetic indigo made in Frankfurt, Germany. Since the denim is still hard and basically shapeless, it is cut, sewn and made soft at Ras Jebel by washers for 58p and hour, using pumice from the volcano in Turkey. Italdenim buys the cotton from a lot of sources including Benin, in West Africa. The cotton pickers earn 60p a day, which is much less than what the washers make.
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