Blue Colour

Topics: Color, Light, Azure Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: January 1, 2012
My Favourite Colour

Open our eyes and everything we see is colourful. We all live in a world where colour is often a part of us despite affecting us in our daily lives. Colour in everyday life is varies, from knowing that a fruit is ripe to eat, to understanding how colour can affect and influence our lives.

Scientifically, colour is is known as light of different wavelengths and frequencies and light is just one form of energy that we can actually see that is made up from photons. We are all surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of which colour is a small part.

Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Much has been studied and written about color and its impact on our daily lives. When I close my eyes and visualize, the only colour that clicks my mind at first is the colour, blue.

Blue is known as the coolest colour. The reason blue is my favorite reason is that of all the colors in the spectrum blue compliments almost all other colors. Blue is the master of backdrops. Interestingly, blue is the color of the universe and nature such as sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. Besides that, blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity, modernatization and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue is the calming color that makes it a wonderful color to use in the home, work and many more environments.

Right now as I stare out my window, the horizon is almost a white-washed blue and as I look up the colors deepen to an ocean blue. Blue, in my eyes is the beautiful and soothing colour. My favourite football team is Chelsea Football Club. Co-incidentally, blue is their official colour and they are well known as ‘the blues’. In here, I realized sportiness in the colour blue.

Furthermore, the reason I like blue is because I have come across some facts about the colour itself. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and...
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