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My Point of View

“I told him that I did not believe that they could burn people in our age, that humanity would never tolerate it . . .” ― Elie Wiesel, Night
Those would be my thoughts as well. How could someone do that to a person or anything close? Somehow the Nazis managed to, without feeling a thing. During my study of the Holocaust I have learned more then I would like to know, but for it to never happen again the word should be spread.

While studying the Holocaust I have learned that the several millions of people who were put in the concentration camps were stripped of everything, literally and figuratively. Once in the concentration camp your family was split up and more then likely you were to never see them again. On top of everything else you only ate once a day and were way past the ranges of well nourished. These men and women of all ages were either put through hell or were put in hell. Life as you would know it would consist of beatings and threats. The Germans had orders to kill and abuse. If you dared to fall out of line they would shot you down and not think twice. You were left for dead and those who tried to escape rarely made it. Each concentration camp had crematoriums. In these crematoriums men, women, children, and babies were put to death. If you didn’t pass selection, which meant if you weren’t one of the fittest, you wouldn’t be alive much longer. Some soldiers even threw the infants in the air and used them as a target to shot at. I will never be able to wrap my head around the thought of something that horrific, but somehow this happened and somehow this became a life for the Jews. This life of death, starvation, depression, and abuse; sometimes you were better off dead then alive. If I had to endure all that these humans did I would have probably chosen death unless I had a really good reason to hold on.

As humans we must remember the Holocaust for all of eternity to ensure future generations that this will not ever happen...
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