Blu-Ray vs. Dvd

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Blu-ray vs. DVD: What Is the Difference?
Kenneth Mullet
ENG 121
Dr. Karen
October 4, 2010

Blu-ray vs. DVD: What Is the Difference?
VHS and DVD were once the norm for watching prerecorded movies on television. You could even record a program on these devices. Then, in the late 1990's came the arrival of high definition television (HDTV). This caused great excitement for people who like to watch movies with better image details and in clearer resolution (Singh n.d.). Soon, people wanted something similar to DVDs with HD quality picture and sound. Therefore, the "Blu-ray Disc" was introduced. What is the difference between blu-ray disc (BD) and DVD? Here we will look at the difference between the two formats including storage capacity, interactivity, playback resolution, and a brief history of the two formats.

When someone says "history", you think about something that happened 25, 50, or even 100 years ago. The birth of DVD and blu-ray was not that long ago. DVD was first introduced less than 15 years ago, and blu-ray hit the scene within the last 5 years. In November 1996, the first DVD players and discs were available in Japan. The United States followed in March 1997, Europe in 1998, and Australia in 1999. DVD sales and rentals topped those of VHS by 2003 (27.7M rentals DVD vs. 27.3M rentals VHS in the U.S.). Retailers, Circuit City and Best Buy, stopped selling VHS tapes in 2002 and 2003. Wal-Mart and several other retailers announced in 2005 plans to phase out the VHS format entirely in favor of the more popular DVD format (DidYouKnow 2010). The first blu-ray discs were sold in mid-2006. The first blu-ray disc titles were released soon after this on June 20, 2006. By the end of 2008, more than 1200 BD titles had been released in the United States (Oak 2010).

As a side note, the letters DVD actually stand for "nothing." The original initialism came from "digital video disc." Some members of the DVD forum tried to express how DVD goes far beyond...
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